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Watch Braves’ Legend Andruw Jones Ride Mechanical Bull

Watch: Braves legend Andruw Jones rides a mechanical bull named ‘Druw’

Ben Brasch: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Forty seconds.

That’s about how long Andruw Jones lasted on his namesake mechanical bull Friday afternoon.

The reason the former Braves legend was riding a bull was the opening of PBR Atlanta, a country bar at The Battery Atlanta — the mixed-use behemoth attached to the new SunTrust Park.

The venue, located at 825 Battery Ave. SE, has named the bull “Druw” after the acrobatic outfielder.

Jones netted 10 consecutive Gold Glove awards and five All-Star selections during his 12 years with the team.

The space — described as “‘cowboy cool’ meets ‘urban chic’” — will be open regularly Thursdays through Fridays from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., and stay open an hour later on Saturday.

It was not immediately clear to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution how hard the bull operator was actually trying to get Jones off the animatronic animal.

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