Game Day Grub Transforms Battery

Take me out to the ball game and buy me some peanuts and… ahi tuna tacos?

That’s right—you no longer need to resign to ball game bar food when attending a Braves game at Atlanta’s SunTrust Stadium. There are so many food options at the Battery, the complex surrounding the stadium, that families and friends will be tempted to tuck in for a proper meal here—whether there’s a game to be played or not. 

Specifically, Sports & Social most recently revamped its menu to include healthier, more substantial fare, based on feedback from customers, according to Cassie Cope, marketing director for Live! at the Battery. Live! is a brand in several cities that typically owns the stadium and entertainment district surrounding it. 

Sports & Social opened last year, around the time when the new stadium complex opened. Cope said the chef was testing the market to see how people responded.

“This year we looked at the feedback – and noticed it wasn’t necessarily very vegetarian or health- friendly. It was mostly burgers, hot dogs, wings—sports driven,” Cope said. Therefore ExecutiveChef Jimmy Reyes then refreshed the menu to cater to a wider group beyond sports fans.


Initially, they weren’t sure how it was going to be in the off-season, but they were pleasantly surprised to find that they were smashing if not exceeding numbers even during the off season.

That’s because Braves games are not the only factor driving people into the restaurant. Outside of the season, there are plenty of Atlanta United fans and general sports enthusiasts who like to watch a game on their big screen.

It is no wonder: Sports & Social touts the biggest TV in the southeast. Since Battery Park opened last year, Cope said she has noticed that the area is finally starting to feel like a destination. People are coming to visit even when there is no game.

On nights when there isn’t a big game, Sports & Social hosts family-friendly movie nights, and even local and national live entertainment, the schedule for which guests can check on their website.

You can catch live music on Friday and Saturday nights.


If you’re coming for the entertainment, you’ll definitely stay for the food. With tuna in season, their biggest sellers in spring were ahi tuna tacos and tuna tataki salad.


“People like the healthy and fresh aspect, so a lot of people were leaning towards that,” she said.

Also a favorite are the foot-long hot dogs – a chef’s special that Reyes first unveiled at Taste of Marietta. Cope said the mango habanero potato chips sauce is a signature addition that guests can’t seem to get enough of.

“It’s a unique, simple spin on something you can grab at a ball game,“ she said.

For dessert, they keep it classic with donut holes. It’s the only dessert, but it has been extremely popular.

Wash it all down with a beverage from Sports & Social’s full bar featuring Miller-Coors refreshments. If you’re looking for something stronger, Cope said you can’t go wrong with margaritas.

Look for more mouth-watering dishes and libations as Sports & Social expands its menu this month.

Article by Amritha Alladi Joseph | Chowhound